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      Founded fengshen casting equipment co., LTD. Is a product development、Research design、Production and manufacturing、Technical services such as multi-functional casting machinery manufacturing enterprises,Founded in 1990,Fengshen casting equipment co., LTD. Was established in 2003。This company is a member of the national association of casting machine,One of the casting machine backbone enterprises in China。The main products are:Hot metal ladle、Ladle、Spheroidizing package、Ductile iron、The teapot bag、Series of ladle、Casting equipment、Cupola、Cupola furnace blower、Ladle dedicated reducer、Bread machine、Cleaning equipment、Sand processing equipment、Dust removal equipment。All the products adopt the latest scientific research achievements optimization design,With advanced performance indicators。Unique structure、Complete specifications、The characteristics of complete sets of supply、The full series through the national identification,The products sell well all over the country and some overseas areas,By the user consistent high praise。 Companies always will be“Start a business、Implementation、Professional dedication”As the development of the enterprise purpose,The whole production、Sales、Management work into the six policies,Formed the vibrant atmosphere of enterprise development。
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The company address:Founded in hubei province pearl way Zhu Qiwu north industrial park(Fengshen new plant)     Contacts:Zhu Yongzhi The phone:0713-6212872 6222188
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