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Service for foreign trade M the rand walked heart

The advantage of


The exhibition effect
The exhibition effect good experience,Provide comprehensive exhibition services。

The high quality

Buyers resources
Accumulated hundreds of thousands of buyers resources precise matching between the seller and the buyer。


Marketing teams
The exhibition countries have to push the team,Comprehensive information collecting buyers。


Market positioning
Focus“the Belt and Roa”The market,Radiation global trade market。

A variety of

Product form
Break the traditional exhibition mode,Diversity of fusion products。

The first-class

The user experience
High-end customized business travel experience,Combination of leisure and business。

Focus“the Belt and Roa”The market,To provide efficient and convenient one-stop service platform of foreign trade

Let every corner of the world take in everything in a glance,There is no difficult to do foreign trade


Exhibition in overseas and self-governance11Countries,Build a new pattern new foreign trade service。


The exhibitors service platform

Independent research and development of the exhibitors service platform,Service experience into semi-automatic。In the same year,Dubai exhibition in the local biggest China commodity fair。


The successful hosting of the first Indian expo

Develop Asia market further,Focusing on Asia's second-largest market population。


The location of hangzhou

Development of transformation,Select and develop core exhibition market。Zhejiang m Mr Rand commercial exhibition co., LTD。



The exhibitionO2OPlatform

Services to upgrade,Provide one-stop service of foreign trade。


Popular show throughout9Countries

Popular show throughout9Countries,To become“the Belt and Roa”The preferred platform for market development。


The new three board listing

Be listed on the new three board takes the lead in the exhibition。


Nationalization、Information operations

The introduction of overseas exhibition executives,MicrosoftCRMOnline,Let oneself to nationalization、Information operations。

M the rand,Proof of the enterprises

Witness the glory,Cast quality

The information center

All the Egyptian marketMADE IN CHINA,You also
All the Egyptian marketMADE IN CHINA,You also

Egypt, local time6Month30Day,M the rand roadshow team to open the market in Egypt。 Egypt has a great geographical advantage The Middle East and north Africa The boundary between countries,Breeds Nearly one hundred million The great consumption, population...

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