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What is a brush face to pay
The wisdom of application no one cashier terminal system,Only when the payment through the way of face feature recognition can be easily pay,Mobile payment process,The user's hands full liberation。
Project based earnings calculator
Re-count resources docking brush your face after payment is worth
Common official commission rates on the market0.2%
(Up to0.4%)
You the amount of resources
(The unit:Yuan)
Average daily water resources
(The unit:Yuan)
Your resource value into profit every year
Begin to calculate
Brush face payment product advantage
  • Giant layoutTencent、Ali giant huge capital investment,Foster brush face payment market
  • To pay+MarketingImprove the merchants lead guest+Ask a guest to stay,Precision marketing
  • Pay the experience to upgradeBrush face is payment,New payment experience enhance the store image
  • Improve the efficiency of cashierBrush face to pay the cashier faster than sweep code payment5Times,Merchants cashier more efficiency
  • Reduce labor costsAchieve one-to-many,Even unmanned cashier,Reduce the cost of manpower
  • Get rid of the bondage of mobile phonesNot afraid of mobile phone forget to take,Mobile phone no electricity,The signal is bad
Pay market network phone market to brush a face
  • Merchants resources of enterprises
  • The enterprise has the resources industry
  • People would like to venture
  • Looking for project sales team
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Agents to join us
OEMStick a card
No sales area;Custom marketing model;The independent brand ownership;Of independent pricing sales system Platform building
Independent system
Platform building
Infinite recruit agents;Direct official servants;DIYCustom function;Full operating independently
Interface call
The original system,No installation needed to use third-party plug-ins,Funds safeguard,Double check system(WeChat payments、Pay treasure official platforms and merchants to the original system),The bill is accurate,Can be audited at any time

Or call400-0920-320  Consulting brush face payment start-ups

  • Have their own brand

    Show the company's strength,Build a brand,To convert their resources,Make the most money

  • With the only brush face payment system

    And WeChat payment、Pay treasure to the official directly cooperation,Holding information,Allows you to investment promotion and capital introduction,Development team and the agent

  • Don't participate in the liquidation

    The official directly to your commission,No third party,Participate in the liquidation,Money is safer,Business risk is smaller

  • Heat release system

    Subsequent development of products and upgrade services can be quickly released,Allows you to concentrate on market development,The daily maintenance will not affect market development

  • No industry、Geographical restrictions

    The national market can develop,The efficient conversion of resources you can

  • The right of self control costs

    Can be flexible according to the market and profit accounting cost control

Above is brush face payment industry profits will make the ultimate secret    
  • You have independent brush face to pay,Don't because of the quality problem of the last or service problems and affect the sales of the self and passion
  • Will not affect their development because the last line;If with independent system,Also is to have production equipment,Risk and mode control all by themselves

Or call400-0920-320  Consulting brush face payment start-ups

Why do you chooseWe are

    Understand the product、Understand the industry、Understand the marketing、Very skillful、Service in place of the company!

  • The professional teamThe best brush face payment industry experts and technical engineers,Strive for faster in action、More accurate、Higher
  • Combined with design and marketingHas China's innovation of brush face payment industry analysis system,Designed for partners targeted marketing strategy and strategy
  • Product integration to the serviceThe production and sales of tangible and the organic integration of service system
  • Systematic operation flowPay attention to the systematic operation strictly,Objective clear,Reasonable and rigorous process,More productive
  • Accurate in executionA comprehensive customer network security monitoring and managing the system
  • Reliable after-sales serviceUse ali cloud server,Rock solid,Disaster in another place,Different live,Financial data encryption,To ensure the safety of the customer service、Stability
Customer case

The eleventh year of focus    High-end lead

First-class technical research team management experience,The first-class product service team management experience。
We understand the operation mode of the brush face pay as well as a variety of customer demand,We advocate for customer product application experience value perception,And not only is the function of the product。

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