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    Nantong universal plant essence co., LTD. Sit in the beautiful scenery of the national health city——Haimen, jiangsu province,Covers an area of35m,The total investment3000More than ten thousand yuan,In processing drugs...

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The first92The national sugar &wine trade fair

    2015 Years3Month21Day~26We attend the first day92The national sugar...

QingdaoAPIThe meeting2014-01-17
“Chaga”There is a clear fall blood sugar2014-01-17
Schizandra extract pharmacological effects2014-01-17

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Contact phone number: 86-0513-82733777
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The company by fax: 86-513-82738736
Sales manager: Yang 13073254906
The ground        The address: He is happy that jiangsu haimen industrial park