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Wild peach cheese won the xiangtan city“The most beautiful figures for poverty alleviation”The title
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Notice on further strengthening the fire safety management【Shao MAO word【2016】The first31Number】

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Changsha star sand MAO restaurant

MAO restaurant xiang fu stores

MAO restaurant xiang fu stores

MAO restaurant xiang fu stores

Shaoshan MAO restaurant

Shaoshan MAO restaurant

Shaoshan MAO restaurant

Old MAO restaurant

MAO restaurant promotion
Shang Ruiren CCTV interview
Hunan master Xia Xiaohu teach you MAO braise in soy sauce meat authentic traditional practices
Shang Ruiren:Happiness does not forget to chairman MAO

Shaoshan large bacon

Besides MAO home tofu

MAO's house fire baked fish

MAO, stinky tofu

Technical support

Head office chef training base for each franchise store equipped with skilled team of senior restaurant cooks。The team after MAO restaurant chef training base after the inspection and certification,Then according to the actual situation of distribution。Store decoration、The kitchen layout、Organization set up、Rules and regulations、Operating procedures、Advertising、Company sales techniques are responsible for the direct to implement。

Brand support

All formal napa stores are authorized by the company during the contract period shall have the right to legally use my company registered trademark。2003By the China cuisine association、The organizing committee of the national food green consumption project named『The national green food enterprises』;2003Years、2005Years、2009Years successively evaluated by China chain『China's chain』;2004By the China cuisine association named『The Chinese food restaurant chains』、『Catering enterprises in the country』。Hunan shaoshan MAO hotels development co., LTD is a group member of China cuisine association、Hunan cooking association executive director units。

Operations support

Head office is responsible for front desk service personnel to provide15Days free training,And help the plan after operation for the opening of napa stores all over the country to provide promotional solutions。MAO dishes there is special and by-products from head office supplies distribution center;Fry、Special spices、Tableware、Clothing such as main raw materials by the company according to the joining trader needs to supply,Unified logistics distribution

Joining process

1、Before joining consulting
2、Fill out the application form for joining
3、Joining trader data investigation
4、Store location
5、The company sent a on-the-spot investigation and assessment
6、The company for approval
7、Credit deposit franchise contract Recruitment、Training assistant,Standard shop decoration
8、Raw material distribution
9、Trial operation
10、Officially opened

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Hunan is a big temptation
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Authentic hunan cuisine in the restaurant

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